Saturday, December 11, 2010

Campbells Chunky Soup/All Pro Dad Review and Giveaway

Hey All! My question for you is.... Has your husband taken The Pledge?

I was contacted about doing a review for Campbell's Chunky soup with them teaming up with All Pro Dad. To be honest at first I was not sure what it was all about or if hubby would cooperate enough to do it. But it's been great! The more I researched and the more I found stuff out the better it got! We were over nighted two boxes of goodies! One for me to keep and review and one for a lucky winner. That's right someone is going to win this Awesome prize!

In our box we found:
A Chunky folder- with tons of information
The Mentor Leader- hardcover book by Tony Dungy
Beef & Dumplings with Hearty Vegetables
Hearty Tomato Soup with Pasta
Italian Style Wedding

At first I was utterly confused as to it all. But our information booklet explained it all! In 1997 with the help of Tony Dungy, then the head coach of the 2006 Super Bowl Champions the Indianapolis Colts. All Pro Dad gives men the resources they need including the encouragement to help them become better fathers. All Pro Dad was built on a football theme that features over 50 NFL players, coaches, and alumni who speak out the importance of being a good father.

The All Prod Dad model is a simple one to follow: It asks men to give ONE minute a day, ONE hour a month, and ONE day a year to become a better father.
  • One Minute a day is to read your Play of the Day email ~It is recieved by more then 47,000 subscribers daily, it has now become the most widely read fatherhood email in the world. Men can sign up to this free daily email at
  • One Hour a month is to start or attend an All Pro Dad's Day Breakfast... WITH their children! ~There are currently 931 All Pro Dad's Day Chapters at publics schools in 48 states. It is in nine different countries were more than 40,000 fathers and their kids gather on a regular basis to discuss topics together. Like peer pressure, goal setting, and caring the less fortunate. They are held in partnership with the National PTA, They also give you everything needed to start or run a chapter at
  • One Day a year to take part in the All Pro Dad Father & Kids Experience ~ Held at NFL Venues nationwide, the Father & Kids Experience is an event filled with bonding, football and tons of fun! The All Pro Dad Father & Kids Experience has hosted more than 50,000 fathers and kids in over 50 of these unique events since 2002 in 20 different NFL sites. This event provides a fun and unique experience while passing along practical fatherhood advice at these sold out events. The Father & Kids Experience also made its debut in college football in 2009, with events that were hosted by the University of Georgia's Mark Richt, and Florida State University's Bobby Bowden. is a great website featuring a online blog from Tony Dungy called Dungy's Diary. You can also find link's to follow Dungy on Facebook and Twitter. They have All Pro Dad Team Roasters featuring members such as active NFL players, coaches, and retired NFL standouts. They have team members bios and tons of information useful to even mothers!

As of today we have only sampled two of the three soups we were sent. Today the kids and I shared The Hearty Tomato with Pasta. It was delicious! A little bit thicker tomato soup with some very yummy pasta and tomato chunks in it. The kids ate 90% of it alone! The other day my husband had the Beef & Dumplings with Hearty Vegetables. I was only allowed one bite... He loved it. I wish I could explain more but it was very good! And the smell it put off was amazing. :)

Here are some wonderful links:
Campbells Website: were you can find coupons and more information
All Pro Dad Website: Will your husband take the pledge? Mine DID!

Would you like your shot at winning this great package? And tasting these wonderful new soups at no cost to you!

Ways to enter the Giveaway:
1. Like Campbells Chunky Soup on fb(mandatory)
3. Like All Pro Dad on fb
4. Follow this blog via GFC (to right of post)
5. Share this giveaway link and tag OCDCL on fb
6. Have your husband take the pledge!

EXTRA BONUS!: Special Extra entries if your husband starts and runs an All Pro Dad Chapter in your area. I will CHECK this to be sure it's real. You will receive 10 extra entry's into this giveaway if he does. Please email me so I can confirm and tell you how to set up your 10 extra entry's ( 

Leave one comment PER entry! 
Also be sure to leave your email 
address so we can get a hold of you.

This giveaway will end Tuesday December 21st at 9pm est.
Disclosure: I was provided with a Campbells Chunky Soup All Prod Dad package at no cost by Campbells in order to test the products and give my own personal opinions on it. The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but were not influenced by the company or the free product provided. Please also note I will have to ship this at my expense and it may not get out right away. It is a VERY heavy box and I have to just make sure we have the money. I'm sure you all know around the holidays it's tight!


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