Thursday, November 11, 2010

Is there help out there?

I normally would not post something like this but babies just get to me.

A friend of mine named Amanda could really use some help. Here is her story of what happened to her baby the other day.

Story from Amanda:
November 6th was a normal day, i laid my son down in his bed,and walked away for about five minutes.When i came back in,i looked in on him and noticed his eyes rolling back and his chest spasmed. I picked him up and he was limp,not breathing.I passed him to my mother and he turned blue and was ice cold.My mom performed rescue breathes ans myself and two neighbors called 911, and saved his life. When we got him to the hospital they did numerous tests and after 3 days in the hospital,they found out he had refluxed so bad that he aspirated to the point of filling his lungs, blocking his airway and causing him to loose oxygen.He has always been on a boppy pillow to keep him more upright,but that just doesnt help him,and he was on a boppy when he stopped breathing.We are now looking into purchasing these two items for him.The rocker for him to sleep in while being more elevated, and the swing for after eating so he's not sitting back and chancing the refluxing/aspirating anymore;  which keeps him elevated pretty well while he sleeps
http...:// (to keep him in an upright postiion after eating)

all donations are asked to be donated to and when the items are ordered I will provide screenshots of the order confirmation.

Sweet baby boy...

I am sure that if you already have these items and live close to her she will be willing to accept them used as long as they are clean. She is in Fostoria Ohio (northwest Ohio)


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