Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Who constantly see's posts on their wall from their friends talking about swagbucks?? Totally confused?

Well I can help!!

Swagbucks is a search engine. They have a toolbar that you can download to make it easy to search. The more you search the more you have chances of earning swagbucks. The more swagbucks you get the more things you can redeem them for.

Swagbucks also sends out codes anywhere between 4sbs to 20sbs. :) They send out the codes and notify you via toolbar/blog/ facebook fanpage. You then go and enter those codes on the main page of swagbucks under your name.

Ways you can earn daily swagbucks:
Daily Poll ~1sb
Trusted Surveys ~1
NOSO ~1    (no obligation special offers, just click skip or no to get to the end to get your buck)
Refresh Toolbar ~1
Watch 3-4 SwagTv Videos a day ~5sbs

I have had a swagbucks account almost a year now and I have gotten 27 $5 amazon giftcards from turning my swagbucks in. They have a TON of prizes you can turn them in for. I just do giftcards cause they are a great way to stock up on things you need or want. :)

The more referrals you get also equals more swagbucks. You get your referrals searching bucks up to 1000sb's! So click below, join up and start referring away!

Click here to sign up for Swagbucks.

Still a bit confused after you signed up?? Go to their main page and right above your name on the right hand side is a "Take a Tour" button. Click it and watch the video.

You can always leave questions here if you'd like and I'll reply with answers!