Thursday, November 11, 2010

Project Santa and Tutu Terrific

Tutu Terrific is doing a wonderful thing 
for a few deserving families this holiday season. 
With help from her fans she found three families 
that could use some help to make the 
holidays good for their children. 

Family #1:

Single 33 year old mother of 3. The mother was diagnosed with cancer. She enjoys cross stitch, computer games and her favorite color is purple. Her clothing size is 20 women's pants and xl or xxl women's shirts.

10 year boy: His interests are movies, video games and sports. Clothing sizes are 16pants boys, size small or medium shirts in adult.

12 year old girl: Her interests are crafts, baby dolls, movies, video games, and her favorite color is pink. Clothing sizes are shirts medium in adults or large in juniors (getting the rest of the info soon)

14 year old girl: Her interests are books and crafts and her favorite color is purple. Clothing sizes shirts medium in adults or large in juniors, pants size 9.

Family #2:

Single mother of 3, (currently do not have information on her)

3 month old girl: She is in need of clothing. Sizes 6months to 18months. She also needs a new favorite blanket as hers was lost. The mother is cloth diapering to save money and could use some more and detergent to clean them in.

5 year old girl: Loves art, dolls, and to play dress up. Current clothing size is 5/6, but they would even love some 7/8's to have on backup for as she grows.

12 year old girl: She loves art, music, painting herw nails and loves anything girly. She could really use some new school supplies. Clothing sizes 6adult shoe, pants size juniors 11 or size large.

Family #3: 

Mom- could use hats and scarves, loves jewelry, needs socks and likes fun and bright colors.

Dad- loves to cook, anything kitchen or cooking related would be great, also likes video games.

3 year old boy- wears 3t-4t, size 8 shoes, he needs fall and winter clothes. He like thomas the train, Diego, dinosaurs, and loves to color and draw.

2 year old boy- in size 18-24months clothes and shoe size 5.5 toddler, he needs fall/winter clothes and some snow pants for this year, He loves the backyardigans, mickey mouse, dinosaurs and to color as well.

Tutu Terrific is looking for anything that 
you could possibly spare, be it handmade items, 
new items bought just for them in mind, gently used 
items or even a monetary donation as shipping 
for the baskets can get quite expensive. 
She is asking that all items are to her by 
December 1st so that way she has time to 
get together the baskets and get them in 
the mail between the 10th and 15th. 
Pictures of what get's donated will be up 
on her fanpage so you can. She will then 
post tracking numbers so you know that 
the items get to the family's in time.

If you would like to help out in any way 
possible please contact Jessica at 
Tutu Terrific or email her at

Pictures of what I am donating are located here. If you live locally in the Detroit Area and would like to meet up to give me stuff to donate to send with my box I would love to!! Just contact me at That way you will not have to pay shipping. 

She is also hosting a Project Santa Raffle to help out
information can be found here on it.

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  1. Its awsome u posted this...I hope many more help out with this :)
    Its Elizabeth Lemon by the way lol