Thursday, November 25, 2010

Two Farm Chicks ~Angel Stones~ Review

Hello everyone!

I had to share these beautiful Angel Baby Stones- Miscarriage and Stillborn Healing Stones from Two Farm Chicks. I ordered two of these beautiful stones with my childrens names on them. Now I am very thankful I have never had a miscarriage but I can see how these would help. They give you a little bit of a visual item that's beautiful with your babies name and angel date. I love these. Here's two pictures of my babies stones.

They do a wonderful thing and offer these beautiful stones for free. All you have to do is order them on their etsy site and they send you an email with an approximate time you'll get them. They take a little bit of time as they do have many orders but it is wonderful that they are doing this. They send a great letter to you apologizing for your loss. They ask that if you like the stone to please send a donation. Please note I sent the donation and a bit extra since I don't have Angel Babies but really wanted these. My grandpa loved stones, he collected them left and right. Unfortunately he passed away befor they were born and was never able to meet my babies. My son has a lot of his quality's and I now find stones all over my house. :)

Here is how you can receive your own Angel Stones....
Like Two Farm Chicks on Facebook please
Then go to their Etsy Site to order yours.

*When ordering they do say they are .20 but you do not have to pay in order to receive your Angel Stones.

I just ask that  you PLEASE send in the donation if you like yours.


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